Why I Fear Jellyfish

I recently returned from a two week vacation to Majorca in the Balearic Islands. We stayed in a stunning location where the hotel grounds leads straight into crystal clear water. It was the perfect place to spend hours and hours snorkelling and swimming with an array of fish. However, though this sounds stunning and a fantastic way to spend two weeks, it can come with a cost.

A few days in to the vacation, I headed back into the sea with my snorkel, mask and flippers ready to explore and spot some beautiful colourful fish. I wasn’t in the sea long when I felt sharp pain on the back of my left hand. I spun around to see what’s causing the pain, to my horror I spotted a red jellyfish, probably 8 inches in length graciously floating in the current.

Salt and vinegar added to the affected area

The back of my hand was stinging, swelling and turning red. The lifeguard on duty at the time soaked my hand in vinegar and poured salt over the affected area. The stinging sensation lasted several hours but eased as time went on. As you can imagine, this put me off going back in the sea for the rest of the day.

The next day I observed the water before taking the plunge. I couldn’t see any jellyfish in the area, so I decided to jump in and begin snorkelling again. This time was different, I felt on edge, I felt a little fear inside me. Instead of enjoying the experience of swimming with fish, I was constantly looking around for the red jellyfish that stung me the day before. I didn’t see any after a little while so I began to relax and enjoy myself. However, this was short lived, as I swam into deeper waters I spotted a jellyfish just inches from my mask! That’s it, I’m outta here! I carefully swam around the jellyfish and headed to shore with my flippers kicking behind me I was gaining some speed! Then suddenly…OUCH! I was stung again! This time it was a small white and blue jellyfish on the back of my leg.

The sting from the second jellyfish was not as bad as the one from the day before, the pain had completely gone within an hour. You can thank me later, I took a sting from two different species of jellyfish so you don’t have to!

The rest of the vacation was spent observing the sea and if I saw a single jellyfish, I would not go back in the sea. If I did go in the sea and spot a jellyfish, I took the shortest route out the water and probably stayed out of the sea for the rest of the day. Why? Because I developed a small fear of being stung again. Although in reality the sting isn’t that bad, I still didn’t want it to happen again. It’s like being stung by a stingy nettle in the garden, it’s doesn’t hurt that much, but you still don’t want to be stung.

In life, we all face a “sting”, whether it’s a jellyfish or a situation backfires on you and knocks your confidence. God warns us not to get drunk because it cheapens our lives, it opens us up to the possibility of doing things we will regret. Many people know this, but still choose to get drunk and make choices they regret, but do they learn from it? Probably not, they will do it again and face the consequences for the second, third or fourth time and so on. Just like I didn’t learn from the first time I went in the sea and being stung by a Jellyfish, I knew what would happen if I went in again, and it did happen!

If we choose to allow the Holy Spirit into our heart, it will guide us through life, it will help make the right choices. The best thing about this is that it’s a free gift from God. We need to accept Jesus as our Lord and Saviour, the Holy Spirit Will then live within us. Who doesn’t want this gift?

Many people around the world fear the Bible, they fear the truth that is in the book. After all, the Bible has the power to change anyone’s life, it has the power to speak to you, guide you, comfort you and show you that you are loved no matter what. Sometimes we are so comfortable in our lives doing our own thing that we feel that we don’t need God in our lives, we’re scared to read the Bible or pray incase we are asked to change the way we live, leave our comfort zones and begin to face our fears.

Fear comes from the Devil, you could go as far as saying that fear IS the Devil. Satan wants you to fear the Bible, he wants you to believe that the truth hurts and to stay away from it. Even if you are already a Christian and God is asking you to step outside of your comfort zone in order to glorify His name, you will still feel that fear! This fear you are feeling is the Devil trying to put you off from doing God’s will. Satan is a liar, a very good liar too. Fear is a liar!

There’s nothing to be scared of in the hands of God. Put fear behind you, be brave and step into the unknown, let the Holy Spirit guide you and learn to trust that what God wants you to do is all for His glory.

I hope you found that blog helpful. If you have any questions on what it means to be a Christian and how you too can put fear behind you, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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